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Mario Brothers 3 - 8x10 3D Shadowbox - NES Desert Land!

Mario Brothers 3 - 8x10 3D Shadowbox - NES Desert Land!

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Super Mario Brothers 3 Shadowbox - 8x10 NES Desert Land - Video game hanging or desktop 3D art.

Old-school Mario Brothers 3 was the defining game for many of us growing up. Super Mario Brothers 3 in itself was and still is a masterpiece! The new unique mechanic of the overworld map gave players an extra sense of direction and curiosity as they navigated through the now not so linear gameplay. Level 2 was the desert stage filled with fire enemies, a particularly angry sun and quicksand! Now you can have a heartwarming 3D piece of wall art to commemorate this unforgettable game! This is perfect for filling that blank space on a desk or wall and will add appeal to your hang out spot!
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